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Make Your Home more efficient with The Home Energy Loan Program (HELP) - City of Toronto

Unlock Energy Efficiency and Savings with Green Canada Energy Advisors

At Green Canada Energy Advisors, we are a trusted service organization committed to helping homeowners upgrade their homes through the Home Energy Loan Program (HELP) – City of Toronto. With these financing options, you can make energy-efficient upgrades to your home, reduce your environmental footprint, and enjoy long-term energy savings. Our licenced and experience team will guide you through the process, providing personalized assistance and expertise every step of the way.

Start your journey towards a greener and more sustainable home today with Green Canada Energy Advisors.

Home Energy Loan Program (HELP) – City of Toronto

The Home Energy Loan Program (HELP) is designed to empower Toronto homeowners to make their homes more energy-efficient and contribute to the fight against climate change. With HELP, homeowners can access loans of up to $125,000 to finance a wide range of energy-saving improvements. Here are some eligible measures covered under HELP:

  • Installation of new air-source heat pumps.
  • Replacement of windows and doors.
  • Insulation upgrades for basements, attics, and exterior walls.
  • Air sealing measures such as weather stripping and caulking.
  • Geothermal system.
  • High-efficiency water heaters.
  • Upgrading to high-efficiency furnaces, boilers, and air conditioners
  • Tankless water heater installations.
  • Drain-water heat recovery systems.
  • Toilet replacements.
  • Solar hot water systems.
  • Rooftop solar PV panel installations.
  • Electric vehicle charging stations (Level 2).
  • Battery storage systems.

By participating in HELP, homeowners not only make their homes more comfortable and energy-efficient, but they also have access to rebates offered by utility companies and the Federal government. Once approved for funding, homeowners can choose their preferred contractor to complete the renovations and start enjoying the benefits of a more sustainable home.

*** Projects that include any of the following measures, solar, windows, geothermal and/or heat pumps are eligible for a 20-year term.

You may be eligible for a low-interest loan through the Home Energy Loan Program (HELP) if:

  • You are the owner of a detached, semi-detached, or row house located in the City of Toronto (the property’s postal code must begin with an “M”).
  • All property owners listed on the title of the property consent to participate in the program.
  • You have not had more than three instances of property tax or utility accounts being 60 days past due within the last three years.
  • If applicable, you obtain written consent from your mortgage lender. We will provide you with a customized Lender Consent Form for this purpose.
  • You can combine HELP with energy efficiency rebates and incentives offered by the City of Toronto, the Province of Ontario, the Government of Canada, and utility companies. Explore the available loans and rebates to maximize your savings.

Step 1: Complete an Application Form

Once your application is received and approved by the City, you will receive a funding offer indicating the maximum amount your property is eligible to receive through the Home Energy Loan Program (HELP). If your property has a mortgage, we will provide you with a letter and form to be presented to your mortgage lender for their consent, which is required before the funding offer can be sent. To access the form, please contact our team or utilize the fill the contact form for your convenience. We are here to assist you every step of the way!

Step 2: Home Energy Assessment and Funding Request

aa. Schedule a home energy assessment with Green Canada Energy Advisors Inc. The assessment will evaluate your home’s insulation, heating and cooling systems, and identify any air leaks or drafts.

Upon completion of the assessment, you will receive:

  • A Renovation Upgrade Report outlining recommended improvements
  • An EnerGuide¹ rating reflecting your home’s current energy performance.
  • Information on available incentives and rebates.

For a list of details about incentives and rebates for home energy assessments, Fill out the contact form below for more details. Start saving energy today!

b. Submit your funding request, specifying the desired improvements and obtaining quotes from your chosen contractor(s) based on your goals, budget, and recommendations from the Green Canada Energy Advisors. Take note of the available rebates and incentives from Enbridge Gas, Canada Greener Homes Grant, and other service providers.

Your funding request should include:

  • A list of the improvements you intend to undertake.
  • Details and cost estimates based on contractor quote(s).
  • The estimated incentive and rebate amount available to you from the utility companies

Step 3: Property Owner Agreement

Once your Funding Request is approved by the City, you will receive a Property Owner Agreement (POA) to be signed and returned. The POA serves as the funding agreement between the property owner(s) and the City. Upon approval of the POA, the City can provide up to 30% of the funds to support the project’s initiation.

Step 4: Complete Your Improvements and Submit Project Completion Report

As the homeowner, you are responsible for selecting, hiring, and compensating contractors for the work performed, as well as obtaining any necessary municipal or provincial permits, if applicable.

After completing your project, schedule a post-retrofit home energy assessment with your Energy Advisor. The Advisor will validate the improvements and provide a new EnerGuide rating for your home.

Submit a Project Completion Report, signed by your Green Canada Energy Advisors, along with invoices from your contractor(s) and the new EnerGuide rating label. The City will then release the remaining funds for your project.

Step 5: Repay the Loan Over Time via Property Tax Bill

Upon project completion, the City will inform you when loan payments will commence. You will be enrolled in the City’s Pre-Authorized Tax Payment program, making 11 monthly instalments per year over the loan term. Loan repayments through the property tax bill follow the same regulations and penalties as other property tax payments.

You have the option to pay off the outstanding balance and clear the loan from your property at any point during the loan term. Early repayment is subject to a service fee imposed by Revenue Services.

To stay updated on the latest interest rates and terms, please visit the Home Energy Loan Program webpage.

Five Reasons to Choose HELP

  • Low-interest rates and flexible repayment terms of up to 20 years.
  • Avoid large upfront costs by spreading payments over time while saving on energy bills.
  • Convenient repayment through installments on your property tax bill, with the option to pay off the loan at any time.
  • Ongoing support from Green Canada Energy Advisors to assistance in accessing additional rebates and incentives.
  • The loan is attached to your property, not you as the owner, so if you sell your home, the new owner will assume the loan balance.

Watch this short video to learn more.

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FAQs about Home Energy Loan Program (HELP)

Green Canada Energy Advisors provides expert guidance and support throughout the energy efficiency project, helping you assess your needs, identify suitable measures, connect with qualified contractors, access available incentives, and ensure successful implementation.

The first step is to schedule a consultation with Green Canada Energy Advisors, where they will assess your needs, discuss your goals, and develop a customized plan for your energy efficiency project.

Yes, Green Canada Energy Advisors can help you navigate the available financial incentives, such as grants, rebates, and financing options, ensuring you maximize the financial benefits of your energy efficiency project.

The energy and cost savings from an energy efficiency project can vary depending on the measures implemented and the building’s characteristics. Green Canada Energy Advisors can conduct energy assessments and provide estimates of the potential savings specific to your project.

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victor da silva
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Nadereh Haghighi
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Linda Lomax
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