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Save On Energy-Small Business Program

Energy-efficient equipment upgrades for your business

Drive your business forward with Save on Energy incentives of up to $2,000 for eligible lighting equipment and up to $2,500 for eligible non-lighting equipment.

The Save on Energy Small Business program is designed to help small businesses across Ontario make equipment improvements to reduce their energy consumption, at no cost. Leveraging the success of the former Small Business Lighting program, this new and improved program offers small businesses directinstall incentives on an expanded range of equipment – both lighting and nonlighting. An investment in energy-efficient equipment upgrades is an investment in enhancing your customers’ experience, employee satisfaction and your bottom line. Save time and money when you participate in the Small Business program.

Eligibility Requirements for Save On Energy-Small Business Program

Businesses with an operating capacity of 50 or fewer employees.

Participants in the former Save on Energy Small Business Lighting program, Refrigeration Efficiency program, Business Refrigeration Incentive program, and RTUsaver program may be eligible for certain upgrades.

Businesses that participated in a Save on Energy program before April 1, 2019 are eligible to reapply.

Certain upgrades that exceed $2,000 for lighting measures and $2,500 for non-lighting measures may qualify for additional incentives
(refer to the Eligible Measures List for all incentives available).

Here's how it works

The Small Business Program is a simple and easy solution to improve the energy efficiency of your business. Here’s how it works

1. Call 1-833-825-7283 or complete this form to schedule a free on-site assessment to identify energy-efficiency opportunities for your business, including lighting,
refrigeration and smart thermostat upgrades.

2. After the assessment, you will be presented with options for energy-efficient upgrades that can be installed in your business, free of charge. If you choose to proceed, you will be sent a participant agreement and work order for your review and signature.

3. Qualified Save on Energy delivery partners will handle
the entire installation process on your behalf – everything from searching for a qualified contractor to obtaining quotes and scheduling installations, and even
project management of the retrofit and clean-up.

Key Benefits

  • Lower electricity bills
  • Reduced maintenance and operating costs
  • Increased employee comfort and productivity
  • Higher customer satisfaction

Accelerate your energy efficiency journey and drive sustainability in your industrial facilities.

Apply to the Green Industrial Facilities and Manufacturing Program today and access costshared financial assistance for your energy efficiency and energy management projects. Together, let’s build a greener and more competitive future for Canadian industry.

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FAQs about Save On Energy-Small Business Program

Green Canada provides financial assistance and promotes energy efficiency and energy management solutions through the GIFMP to maximize energy performance, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and increase competitiveness for industry in Canada.

The GIFMP provides financial support for the implementation of energy efficiency and energy management solutions in industrial facilities, helping to improve energy performance, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and enhance competitiveness in the industry.

Eligibility is open to various entities, including industrial facilities, provinces, territories, utilities, and other eligible recipients with capacity and experience in industrial energy efficiency initiatives.

The program supports a comprehensive range of energy efficiency and energy management solutions tailored to industrial facilities, including process optimization, equipment upgrades, and energy management system implementation.

Under the Industrial Facility Track, cost-shared financial assistance of up to 50% of total eligible expenditures is available, with a maximum funding limit of $10 million per proposal. For Indigenous or registered not-for-profit organizations, cost-shared financial assistance of up to 100% of eligible implementation expenditures is possible, also with a maximum of $10 million per proposal.

Applicants need to complete all sections of the application form in the online portal and include a completed Project Workbook for project assessment.

Approved projects are required to submit semi-annual progress reports, a financial report upon project completion, and post-completion monitoring reports.

Approved projects are required to submit semi-annual progress reports, a financial report upon project completion, and post-completion monitoring reports.

Proposals are assessed based on their funding effectiveness, the ratio of the program contribution requested relative to total project costs, as well as other factors such as regional distribution of funding and industry sub-sectors.

Assessment criteria include the completeness and accuracy of the application form and project workbook, eligibility of the applicant and proposal, and alignment with the program’s goals, objectives, and guiding principles.

The GIFMP promotes the adoption of energy efficiency and energy management practices in industrial facilities, resulting in cost savings, reduced environmental impact, improved productivity, and enhanced overall competitiveness for Canadian industry.

What Our Customers Say

victor da silva
victor da silva
Sara was great , explained everything in great detail.
amir khajezadeh
amir khajezadeh
I’ve had a great experience with this company for doing the energy audit in my house in Burlington. Highly recommended!
jena k siva
jena k siva
Green Canada Home Advisor! Afshin and his Team are very well organized and professional. Extremely knowledgeable in their field. I was very satisfied with their professional work and referred more than 10 of my close friends and yet growing amongst them. Highly recommended!
Nadereh Haghighi
Nadereh Haghighi
I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Shadi at Green Canada for her invaluable assistance in deepening my understanding of climate change and our collective responsibility to embrace environmentally-conscious practices in order to preserve our beloved planet Earth. Shadi's unwavering dedication to increasing public awareness and fostering a practical learning environment within the training courses of GREEN CANADA was truly remarkable. Her passion and commitment serve as an inspiration to all those seeking to make a positive difference.
Linda Lomax
Linda Lomax
Excellent visit from Sara, our assigned energy auditor. She arrived on time and was very thorough and quick! No surprises. I appreciated her expertise and explanations of her readings and measurements. Thanks for making this easy to the home owner.
Wamae Gichuru
Wamae Gichuru
Very knowledgeable and friendly.
Mary Ann Santiago
Mary Ann Santiago
Had a good experience with the agent. She is very professional and knowledgeable.
Ralph Martone
Ralph Martone
Very friendly and informative Very clean and polite.