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Become a Certified Energy Advisor with Green Canada Academy

Embark on a fulfilling career as a certified energy advisor and make a positive impact in the field.

Training & Support for Certified Energy Advisors

Green Canada Academy is committed to helping individuals become certified energy advisors in Canada. With our comprehensive training and support, aspiring professionals can acquire the necessary expertise in home energy efficiency. As a Registered Energy Advisor (REA) registered by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), you can offer the EnerGuide Rating System (ERS) for both residential properties.

Registered Energy Advisors play a vital role in Canada’s climate action initiatives.

Join Green Canada Academy and embark on a fulfilling career as a certified energy advisor, where you’ll have the flexibility to work independently or as part of a team.

Meet the Registered Energy Advisors: The Key to Your Home's Energy Efficiency

Registered Energy Advisors are a breed of professionals whose specialty lies in evaluating and enhancing the energy performance of homes. Accredited by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), they have in-depth knowledge of building codes, standards, and various materials’ energy performance. These experts use NRCan’s energy simulation software, HOT2000, and conduct blower door air leakage tests, combining their extensive training with their expertise to recommend effective energy-saving measures.

To earn their accreditation, Energy Advisors must undergo a rigorous training program, pass stringent NRCan examinations, and complete a hands-on mentoring program. This comprehensive training prepares them to confidently perform on-site evaluations and submit detailed house files.

Their key role involves assisting building professionals, homeowners, and potential homebuyers in making informed decisions regarding energy-saving upgrades and retrofits. With their guidance, clients can achieve a comprehensive understanding of their home’s energy efficiency and identify areas ripe for energy-saving improvements.

Registered Energy Advisors

In essence, Registered Energy Advisors act as gatekeepers of energy efficiency for both new and existing homes. They are tasked with delivering the EnerGuide Rating System, authorized by NRCan, transforming how homeowners perceive and improve their home’s energy use. With their assistance, energy conservation becomes an achievable reality, rather than a daunting task.

Which services Energy Advisors deliver?

The registered energy advisor offers a variety of services under the EnerGuide Rating System, aiming to assist homeowners in enhancing the energy efficiency of their properties. These services cater to different needs and situations, providing valuable insights and recommendations to improve a home’s energy performance. The covered services are as follows:

Basic Service

Energy advisors conduct a comprehensive on-site evaluation of the property, gathering all necessary data required for modeling the house using the HOT20005 tool. Whether the house is new or existing, this evaluation results in an EnerGuide Rating, accompanied by a label and a Homeowner Information Sheet. This service can also be offered as a standalone option, providing homeowners with valuable information about their home's energy efficiency.

Renovation Upgrade Service

This service focuses on customized energy efficiency upgrades tailored to the homeowner's needs. It is important to note that the Renovation Upgrade Service is not available on its own; it must always be coupled with the Basic Service. Energy advisors propose specific upgrades that can enhance energy efficiency and provide a Renovation Upgrade Report detailing these recommendations.

Construction Blower Door Service

Energy advisors carry out an airtightness test once the air barrier has been installed in the construction or renovation process. This assessment assists builders and renovators in improving their air sealing practices, contributing to better energy efficiency and indoor comfort. By identifying locations of air leakage, energy advisors offer insights into areas that need attention to minimize energy losses.

Construction Upgrade Service for New Homes

This service is designed specifically for new homes under construction. It encompasses a comprehensive evaluation process similar to the Basic Service, allowing energy advisors to model the energy efficiency of the new construction. This evaluation aids builders in optimizing energy performance and meeting energy efficiency goals.
Homeowners have the flexibility to choose one or more of these services based on their requirements. However, the Renovation Upgrade Service is always linked to the Basic Service and cannot be selected independently. For homeowners who have previously undergone an evaluation, the evaluation file can serve as a baseline for subsequent services, such as a new Basic Service or a Renovation Upgrade Service for the same address. The energy advisor's responsibility is to ensure the accuracy and relevance of the evaluation data to reflect the current state of the house.
While an evaluation file from a previous homeowner cannot be transferred to a new one, the range of services offered by registered energy advisors empowers homeowners to make informed decisions about energy efficiency improvements tailored to their specific needs and circumstances.

How to become a Registered Energy Advisor

As an Energy Advisor, you’ll work as a subcontractor, earning per audit, not per hour. This career may be a good fit if you:

• Want to start your own business without a large investment.
• Have a strong work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit.
• Can handle a steady flow of leads and a minimum of 5 files per month.
• Prefer the freedom to control your schedule and workload.
• Have a background or interest in home construction, engineering, and energy efficiency.
• Are available to work evenings and weekends.
• Demonstrate excellent computer skills, including proficiency in Windows-based software, e-mail,
and Microsoft Office

The NRCan entry exam evaluates your understanding of housing, renovations, upgrades, energy systems, and related topics. You have the option to take the exam online or at a designated college exam center. To register for the exam, visit Natural Resources Canada’s Exam Site.

We provide comprehensive resources to assist you in your exam preparation. Additionally, if you have limited experience in the field, there are various third-party exam preparation courses available for your consideration.

Our classroom training can be conveniently accessed either online or in-person, allowing us to accommodate your specific needs. The training typically spans 32 hours and includes all required modules, such as the following:

• Introduction to the EnerGuide Rating System;
• Understanding air quality, ventilation & combustion spillage;
• Blower door testing;
• Pre-evaluation preparation and consultation;
• Conducting EnerGuide audits;
• Modelling houses with HOT2000;
• Developing upgrade recommendations;
• EnerGuide reporting, quality assurance, and file processing.

Our comprehensive field training program offers an immersive learning experience designed to equip you with practical skills and knowledge. Over the span of two to four weeks, you will engage in hands-on activities and real-world scenarios, conducting practice Home Energy Evaluations under the direct guidance and mentorship of highly skilled trainers.

This invaluable on-the-job training will empower you to excel as a Registered Energy Advisor, providing you with the confidence and expertise needed to make a meaningful impact in the energy efficiency industry.

To become a Registered Energy Advisor, passing the NRCan Energy Advisor Exam is a requirement. Our 32-hour training course comprehensively covers all the materials needed for the exam. This comprehensive exam evaluates your understanding of the EnerGuide Rating System, technical procedures, HOT2000 software, quality assurance, and administrative processes. The exam can be completed either online or at a local college exam center for flexibility.

Successfully completing the exam demonstrates your competence as a Registered Energy Advisor in Canada, affirming your expertise in promoting energy-efficient practices. It signifies a significant milestone that highlights your dedication to a greener future.

Once you successfully pass the final exam and become registered with Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), an exciting world of opportunities awaits you as a Registered Energy Advisor. At Green Canada Energy Advisors, we understand the importance of finding the right path that aligns with your aspirations and goals. We are committed to working closely with you to explore various options within our organization, whether it be as a self-employed subcontractor, a direct employee of Green Canada Energy Advisors, or a hybrid approach that suits your preferences. Your career journey as a Registered Energy Advisor starts here, and we are here to support your success every step of the way.

To learn more about how to become an Energy Advisor, visit Natural Resources Canada the official website for detailed information and resources on the certification process and requirements.

Empowering Energy Efficiency Professionals for a Greener Future

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Start Your Journey to Energy Expertise!

At Green Canada Energy Advisors Academy, we offer comprehensive training courses that will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to become a certified energy advisor in Canada. Whether you’re a building professional, homeowner, or aspiring energy expert, our courses will provide you with a solid foundation in energy evaluation, energy-efficient design, and sustainable practices.

Join us in making a positive impact on the environment and shaping a greener, more sustainable future for all. Take the first step and enroll in our academy today!

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victor da silva
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amir khajezadeh
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Green Canada Home Advisor! Afshin and his Team are very well organized and professional. Extremely knowledgeable in their field. I was very satisfied with their professional work and referred more than 10 of my close friends and yet growing amongst them. Highly recommended!
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Nadereh Haghighi
I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Shadi at Green Canada for her invaluable assistance in deepening my understanding of climate change and our collective responsibility to embrace environmentally-conscious practices in order to preserve our beloved planet Earth. Shadi's unwavering dedication to increasing public awareness and fostering a practical learning environment within the training courses of GREEN CANADA was truly remarkable. Her passion and commitment serve as an inspiration to all those seeking to make a positive difference.
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Linda Lomax
Excellent visit from Sara, our assigned energy auditor. She arrived on time and was very thorough and quick! No surprises. I appreciated her expertise and explanations of her readings and measurements. Thanks for making this easy to the home owner.
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Wamae Gichuru
Very knowledgeable and friendly.
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